Saturday, August 7, 2010

アイセス・クフサ・デイ ICES/KUFSA DAY





日時:2010年9月18日(土)、午前10:00~午後15:00 (悪天候の場合、翌日に変更するので、このHPで確認下さい。)














Folks, we are experimenting with a new event this year.
If it works well, we may do it again in the future.
Please join us if you have time.

Name of event: ICES/KUFSA DAY

Objective: Simply, to enjoy an autumn with everyone involved...

Who can participate: ICES, KUFSA OB and OG, and current members

When: 18th September, 2010, (Sat), from 10:00 am to 15:00 pm (If bad weather, postpone to 19th (Sun). Please check this page for announcement.)

Where: Aji-cho, Takamatsu. (Please use Yahoo or Google to check the map for this address with this phrase 香川県高松市庵治町5319-58)

What: Outdoor 'Baked Sweet Potato Party', plus 'Potluck Party'.

Preparation by host: I shall furnish the sweet potatoes, soft drinks, and the garden ready for the party.

Preparation by participants: Since this is a 'Potluck Party', please bring your own food and drinks.

Participation fee: None, but please respond to this blog so that I can estimate the number of participants.

Toilet: To be set outdoors

Rubbish: Please bring back the plastic rubbish with you. Food leftovers may be disposed of here.

How to get to the place:

(1) Bus: You can take the Kotoden bus bound for Aji. 庵治線(

The bus leaves from Takamatsu Station and goes past Kawaramachi Station. Return bus fare is about 1400 yen.
Get off at the final stop at Aji Onsen 庵治温泉. From Aji Onsen, it is about a 30-minute-2 kilometer walk to the party location.

(2) Bicycle: Takes about one hour and thirty minutes one way to cycle from the city center. At Aji, the road slopes up and down, so you need good brakes. Please make sure that you do not get involved in an accident if you choose to cycle. Take the bus if you do not have confidence in bicycling.

(3) Car: There is limited parking place. There is a place nearby which can take perhaps 3 or 4 cars.

Insurance: I hope it will not happen, but in the case of any accidents happening while on the road or in the party location, the individuals concerned are expected to use their own insurance policies to settle the incidents. In other words, all participants are responsible for their own safety.

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