Monday, December 1, 2014

On ‘Saga' and ‘Shiranai México’ (Lunch Presentation Meeting Series #050)

Today, we are happy to celebrate the 50th Lunch Presentation Meeting...
First, Tadashi Moronaga from the Law Faculty gave an interesting 
presentation on his hometown, Saga Prefecture.
The fish that is found in Ariake Sea is unique and supposedly 'frightening' to look at.
The second speaker was Antonio Fermin from Mexico. 
Speaking in both Japanese and English, he had the full attention of the audience with his colorful rendition of Mexico, focusing on areas that is not very well known among non-Mexicans. 
For the first time ever in this series, the audience had the privilege to taste some tidbits from a presenter. Antonio had brought the tidbits all the way from Mexico.

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