Saturday, October 3, 2015

Autumn Semester 2015 Welcome Party

For the Autumn Semester of 2015, Kagawa University is honored and pleased to welcome over 50 new international students.

On this day, the International Student Center conducted a Guidance Session for the students staying at the Dorm, and then for all new students.

Along with the Supporters and Tutors, ICES members, members of the various International Associations in the community, some senior students, and some staff members, I think there were more than 100 people in the Welcome Party...

After the Toast by a senior international student, the traditional Japanese music student club of Kagawa University (Chiku-yu Kai) played two songs for us.

This was followed by an interview of four new students from South Africa, Sudan, Myammar, and Vietnam.

ICES then held a Bingo game, with the lucky ones getting some prizes...

I hope all the participants enjoyed the event, and I wish all new students the best of luck in their studies at Kagawa University... (Lrong)

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