Sunday, November 22, 2015

The 4th ICES-KUFSA Day

For the fourth time in a row, I invited some current and former members of ICES and KUFSA to spend a few hours at my house.

This time, I was very happy to host 34 people (including 2 babies) from 10 countries.

All of them were current students, except for three people who had graduated.

Participants were requested to help out with the preparation of the food.

Since this is Kagawa, what else, but udon, with lots of vegetables.

The soup base was fish and kelp.

For dessert, we had red beans boiled with sweet potatoes, with a dash of brown sugar.

We cooked outdoors, using wood that I had assembled.

Weather was cloudy but fine, with temperatures hovering at the teens.

The event went very well despite the big number of people.

We had a lot of ingredients that were left over and I asked the students to bring them home to use for their dinner.

I then showed the students the Kagawa University Marine Research Station (and the ship used for research), which is situated about one kilometer from my house.

After that, I took them to the northern-most point of Shikoku, where there is a cute little temple to look around.

Posting these pictures with the students smiling happily, I find myself eagerly looking forward to hosting the 5th event next year.

And, it would be lovely if more 'old boys' and 'old girls' could join us... (Lrong)

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