Friday, June 17, 2016

Kagawa Prefecture Home Visit Program (Session 1, 2016)

This program is conducted under the umbrella organization called 香川県留学生等国際交流連絡協議会 (my translation: Kagawa Prefecture Liaison Council for International Student Affairs). The Liaison Office has about 50 organizations as members. These organizations are either educational institutions like Kagawa University, prefectural or city offices, business enterprises, or grass-root organizations. The common thread cutting across these organizations is their link with international students.

For this event, Kagawa University International Office is coordinating with the Kagawa Prefectural Office. We handle the application and documentation for the international side, while the Kagawa Prefectural Office liaise with the host families. I think this is the fourth year we are conducting the program, and each time, we have had a sizable number of international students and host families coming together. We hope both parties will connect well with each other, and establish a long lasting relationship together. (Lrong)

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