Sunday, July 9, 2017

21st Summer Day Trip (Naoshima)

On 9th July 2017 (Sun), we were able to successfully conduct the 21st Summer Day Trip.
There were about 100 students coming from 17 countries participating. This time, as in last year, we chose Naoshima.

The trip was organized under KUFSA (Kagawa University Foreign Student Association), in which, all international students in Kagawa University, knowingly or otherwise, are members; and ICES (Inter-Cultural Exchange Society) whereby the members are Japanese students who have an interest to interact with international students.

For the last 20 years, we had gone to four different islands each year, starting with Megijima, Ogijima, Shodoshima, and Naoshima.
After organizing these trips for twenty years, I have made a decision to focus on just going to Naoshima for several reasons.

First, we have the benefit of support from Naoshima Lions Club. They have been very helpful in coordinating and offering support with logistics.
Second, although other islands have their own beauty and advantages,  Naoshima is a very pretty island, with good facilities. There are a lot fascinating architectural buildings, and large art works displayed in the open, and the bus system is very good.
Third, the beach is safe, there is no strong current coming into the swimming area, and the beach house facilities are excellent.

Meanwhile, Takamatsu Higashi Lions Club had been consistently supportive of our trips. They started to support us in 1998, during the second trip. We thank them very much for being with us, up until this day. 

Lastly, I hope all students enjoyed the trip as much as I did, although we were rained out twice. And once again, luckily, there were no major incidents. Thank you everyone! (Lrong)

Thank you very much to Vichhey, an exchange student from Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia, for the following photos...

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