Monday, June 6, 2011

A Guide to Gourmet and Dating in Japan and Korea (Lunch Presentation Meeting Series #010)

For the tenth presentation in the series, we experienced something new...
Kwon Oh Ryun from Korea partnered with Hideki Hiraoka from Japan to present a guide on Japanese and Korean food, as well as on dating.

Hideki presented in a mix of English and Japanese...
I think he made a very good attempt to do so...
Oh Ryun mainly talked about the rituals boys and girls go through in Korea while dating.
He highlighted numerous differences between the Japanese way and the Korean way...
The audience had a good time listening to how Korean boys had to to do date a girl in Korea.
There were 30 people in the audience, including nine international students.
The moderator was Kairu Furutani from the Faculty of Economics.
He did a very good job in running the show.

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