Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reception Party for International Students 2015

On this day, the International Office organized and conducted the 'Reception Party for International Students' for the 'umpteenth' time.

This party had been ongoing since I was a graduate student at Kagawa University in 1988, so it must be about the 30th time we are holding this event.

The Master of Ceremonies were Nunu from Indonesia, and Chen from China.

The President of Kagawa University gave the welcoming remarks, followed by the Vice President of International Affairs giving the toast.

Following this, the President of Kagawa University Foreign Student Association (KUFSA), Azalia from Malaysia, gave a word of thanks to the university and all the local international associations for their support.

The total number of participants were 305, with international students from 17 countries/territories coming in strong at about 150.

The atmosphere was joyful, punctuated with much laughter...
The food was good and gone in no time...
We had student performances from Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

I hope the students enjoyed themselves as much as I did, and that they felt 'energized' to continue their study. (Lrong)

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