Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Report on Kagawa Home Visit Program

With the cooperation of the International Section of Kagawa Prefecture, Kagawa University conducted the Home Visit Program successfully for the fourth year.
We started doing this program in 2014.
Before that, we were doing the Home Stay Program but it was too burdensome for the host families to cooperate as more 'work' is needed to house the students for a night or two during the program.
With the home visit, families do not have to worry about the bedding, the shower room, etc...
For the past four years, we have had an average of almost 40 students and 30 families coming together each year.
On this day, we conducted a session to report the experiences.
Four students and three host families make the presentations.
We hope that this will be the beginning of a lasting friendship between the students and the host families for many years to come. (Lrong)

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