Monday, May 23, 2016

'Sights of the Pacific Rim', and 'Ecosystems of California' (Lunch Presentation Meeting Series #069)

On this day, we were very privileged to have three special guests from California, USA. 
They are Amanda Wilmsen, Keith McHugh, and Kai Wilmsen. 
Amanda's and Kai's father is a dear friend of mine.
Both of us were international students, studying at Kagawa University in 1988.

For this meeting, Amanda and Keith talked about their travels together. 
They first went to South America, and crossed over to New Zealand and Australia before hitting the shores of South East Asia. 
They then proceeded to visit places like, among others, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and China before touching base at Japan. 

The second presentation for the day was made by Kai on the Ecosystems of California. 
If we compare by landmass, Japan is smaller than California. 
By virtue of this, we can imagine how varied the ecosystem of California could be.

Twenty nine people came to listen to the two presentations. 
Of this, ten were international students. 
After the presentations, our students had a good time mingling with our three new friends. (Lrong)

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