Thursday, May 31, 2012

第16回夏日帰り旅行(女木島) The 16th Summer Trip (Megijima)

The 16th Summer Trip (

Organized by Kagawa University Foreign Student Association (KUFSA) & Inter-Cultural Exchange Society (ICES) in cooperation with Takamatsu Higashi Lions Club
主催:香川大学留学生会(クフサ)&香川大学異文化交流会(アイセス) 協力:高松東ライオンズクラブ 
日にち: 2012年7月8日(日) 台風などの場合、15日(日)に変更
* 学生500円 (小学生300円)
* 一般720円 (一般参加者は、予め、ロンの了承は必要。)
* 申込の際、払って下さい。当日不参加の場合でも、返金はないのでご了承下さい。
申請際に必要な情報は(1)氏名(漢字かローマ字) (2) 氏名のフリガナ (3)年齢 (4)性別
当日の集合:サンポート高松桟橋 9時00分  (時間厳守!)

申し込み先: Apply through
王  珊
Azalia Zaharvddin
金 昌賢 
W. Kraisate (Pu)

Date: 8th July 2012 (Sun). If typhoon comes, postpone to 15th July (Sun)
Participation Fee (For ferry, Rest house, watermelon, games, insurance, etc.):
* Students ¥500 (Primary school students ¥300)
* Non-students ¥720 (must obtain Lrong’s prior permission)
* Please pay fees upon application. (note that fees are not refundable in any case.)
When applying, give (1) Full name in alphabets or Kanji (2) Full name in kata-kana, (3) Age (4) Sex.
Application deadline: 27th June (Wed)
Please come to Sunport Pier at 9:00 AM on 8th(or 15th ) July, Sunday…   Be sure to be punctual
Bring: drinks, lunch, hat, umbrella, towel, clothes to change, and wear comfortable shoes for walking.
Program: Ferry to Megijima Pier, walking tour to Rest house, beach games, make new friends, and enjoy the natural scenery of Japan Inland Sea. The tentative departure time from Megijima is around 5:00 p.m.
Important notice: Although all possible measures are taken to ensure a safe trip (such as insurance coverage), please be advised that claims for responsibility and/or compensation against any individual or organization will not be entertained should any unforeseen incident or accident occur during the trip. Also note that applications after the deadline may be accepted but will not be covered by insurance.
Please do not injure yourself, and bring your rubbish back with you. 

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