Monday, May 16, 2011

About Kochi... (Lunch Presentation Meeting Series #007)

The seventh presentation saw Kei Takagi, a student from the Faculty of Agriculture, talking about the virtues of the place he was born.  He highlighted three aspects of Kochi prefecture.

The first was Ryuma Sakamoto, a well known political figure in the Tokugawa era. The second aspect was the Yosakoi Dance festival of Kochi prefecture, which has become very popular throught Japan. And finally, he touched on some agrriculture products where Kochi excells in, stuff like kabosu, a citrus fruit.

The moderator was Ka Zen, from the Faculty of Economics. She handled the flow of the session very well.
Thirty three participants (including twelve international students) attended today's session.

It shoukl be noted that a worthwhile suggestion came from the floor today.
The student suggested that since the Lunch Presentation Meeting's primary intention is to foster interactions and exchange among students, why not establish a time slot for this purpose?

Very good suggestion, indeed...

The time scedule is immediately re-designed...

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