Monday, May 2, 2011

Japanese Garden (Lunch Presentation Meeting Series #005)

Japan is in the midst of celebrating the Golden Week holidays. Some companies are reported to have 10 continuous days of holidays in this season. This long stretch of off-days is rather rare in Japan.
Anyway, the university is operating as normal on this second day of May.

We have a sophomore student from the Engineering Faculty making a presentation on 'Japanese Gardens'. Besides introducing the fables of Momotaro, she focused on the most famous spot of Takamatsu city, Ritsurin Park, and Korakuen Park of Okayama.
Questions from the floor included 'Why Ritsurin and Korakuen?... What is the best season to visit these parks?... What are the places in Okayama where one can visit Momotaro tourist sites?...'
Despite the Golden Week holiday season, there were 28 attendees in the audience.

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