Monday, May 23, 2011

Flower viewing in China (Lunch Presentation Meeting Series #008)

For the 8th presentation in the series, Chen Linqi, a graduate student at the Graduate School of Education, made a presentation on how the people of China enjoyed the flower season in spring.  

A particular focus was on the viewing of sakuras in the campus of Wuhan University.
The young people apparently prefer to party and sing in the parks while enjoying the flowers.
On the other hand, the older generation tend to go for walks and photo-taking.

The moderator was Narumi Watanabe, a sophomore from the Faculty of Engineering.
Twenty four students participated in today's event, including eight international students.

Questions from the audience included 'the most cherished flower' in China.
According to the speaker, the peony takes the first place, followed by the plum flower.  

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