Monday, May 30, 2011

Osaka food, tourist spots, and dialect (Lunch Presentation Meeting Series #009)

Naori Matsuoka a sophomore from the Faculty of Agriculture made an interesting talk on Osaka.
She focused on the food, tourist spots, and the dialect of Osaka.

The moderator today was Sai Ei, a freshman from the Faculty of Economics.
Twenty participants joined the talk, out of which, seven were international students.
There were a lot questions from the floor.
Among the issues raised were how Osaka dialect differs from Sanuki dialect, and if there is a polite form in the Osaka dialect.
There were also some questions on the tourist attractions of Osaka.
The Acquarium, with a whale shark, and USJ were recommended by the speaker.
Some members of the audience were quite surprised to hear that it is normal to eat Osaka Okonomiyaki with rice, as a dish. 

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